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July Camp


This year July Camp will be held in the Northern Drakensberg in the Didima (Cathedral Peak) area, one of the best known parts of the Drakensberg (correctly called, the Maloti-Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site). July Camp has been not been in this area since 2006, so 11 years later seems a good time to return! July Camp 2017 again will be a ‘Camp with a difference’ adding yet another, very different, facet to the total July Camp experience!
In 2006, we were very fortunate in being allowed to camp in Catchment 8 of the Cathedral Peak Research Area, but at present there is active research being conducted in that area. So, instead, the Base Camp will be near the Cambalala hut in a young forest of the iconic umtshitshi bushes (Leucosidea sericea), one of the most evocative plant associations of the Drakensberg.  Older specimens with their knarled trunks speak of veld fires from years past. All this makes for an unusual camp site differing from the more open grasslands where we usually camp.
Please, diarise July 8 to July 22, 2017 for the July Camp. See you there!
For further details contact - Rikki Abbott Wedderburn on 082 538 5389
or email:

The application form and brochure can be downloaded below.

July Camp 2010 at Crystal Waters, Southern Berg.

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