The reason most people join the club is to spend time with like-minded people in the great wide open. Meets are arranged separately for the two halves of the year, i.e. January to June, and then July to December. A "meet sheet" is produced and published here (see Attachments at the bottom of this page for a link to download the current meet sheet in PDF format - but note that the Google Calendar is usually more up to date with recent changes).

The Meets Convener is Clem Robins
Phone : 084 500 4666
Email : meets

A message from the Meets Convener: Impromptu meets may be arranged at short notice. The details will be distributed by e mail, on the web site and in the newsletter if there is time. Information about meet changes and slide shows will be distributed in the same way. If anyone is going on an impromptu trip and would like to open it to other MCSA members please e mail me, phone me or ask any other committee member to circulate the details

July Camp

The July Camp has been a part of the Section's calendar for over 90 years. As you might guess, it is held in July each year at a site in the Drakensberg mountains. The site is changed each year, but is always chosen to allow a wide range of hiking and climbing options. The camp is open to both members and non-members. For more details and to obtain an application form, please visit the July Camp page.

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