Sport Climbing

Most of the active sport climbers in the province have links to the University of KwaZulu Natal Mountain Club and the excellent training facilities at the Old Mutual Sport Hall in Durban. The wall is a good place to meet fellow climbers and swap stories. An alternative is the Southern Rock Climbing Centre in New Germany, they are open 7 days a week and thus provide a great venue for training, come rain or shine..

The MCSA, KZN section, are a key role-player in organising and running climbing competitions in the province. In particular, they run the annual and hugely successful "Durban Bouldering Comp". The indoor event has been running for several years now, and the number of entrants, as well as prize money gets bigger each year.

In addition the section also supports the Natal Bouldering League, which raises money to re-equip routes that have old and dangerous anchors. The Natal Bouldering League runs once a year, and comprises of a number of events, held at various training venues around the province. Young climbers are encouraged to compete in a social environment, and get to know climbers from other areas. The Natal Bouldering League is a qualifier for the newly formed National Bouldering League, including leagues in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.

Committee Member:

Simon Vickers
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Bolting Fund Guidelines

MCSA (KZN) has made available funds (R 5000 per year), which are to be used for the development of new sport climbing routes in the province. This funding shall cover the cost of the bolts placed, on new and publicly accessible sport routes within KZN. The funds shall be made available to all paid up MCSA (KZN) members, on a first come, first serve basis.

It is proposed that the total funding be divided into 4 grade categories, according to the grade of the new route.

 grades 10 to 16 20% = R1000 = 66 bolts
 grades 17 to 21 50% = R2500 = 166 bolts
 grades 22 to 25 20% = R1000 = 66 bolts
 grades 26 and above 10% = R500 = 33 bolts

The application for funds shall proceed as follows:

  1. The developer is responsible for bolting and grading the route.
  2. The developer applies for funding, giving the location of the route, it's approximate grade and number of bolts. The application is made to the sport-climbing convener.
  3. The grade of the route and standard of bolting is approved by the committee or their appointed representative. In general the sport-climbing convener, who will take advice as necessary, will do this.
  4. Payment is made to the developer as per the agreed rate. This is benchmarked at the cost of the cheapest safe bolting solution (currently a U bolt at R15 each) Allocation of the funds will be minuted at a committee meeting and payment made by the treasurer.


  • If the grade changes category and no funds are available in the new category, payment is not guaranteed.
  • A maximum of 2 routes per category may be applied for at any one time.