Winston Park

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Many thanks to Roger Nattrass for permission to use information from his excellent book, "A Climber's Guide to Natal Rock" and also to the other climbers who contributed to the information in that publication. Bruce Sobey, Dave Drummond and Greg Streatfield have provided most of the more recent information.


A General Description of the Crags

The Main Wall is about almost 100 m long and up to 25 m high with routes mainly in the grade 20 to grade 24 range. A new area (the Wormhole Sector) with routes of more moderate grades is currently under development about 100 m to the left of the access gully on the main wall. Like most other crags in this area Winston Park consists of Natal Series Sandstone of excellent quality. It is in shade all day but as a result it tends to suffer from seepage after wet spells. There are plenty of gum trees at the top of the crag that can be used as anchors for top-roping. The currently developed area is a part of a very long line of broken crags that stretches all the way around to, and overlooking, the Marriannhill Toll Plaza where the Jan Smuts Sector of the crag will be found. There is reasonable potential for further route development along this line of cliffs.


To reach the Winston Park head north from Durban on the N3 highway and then, before Pinetown, filter off left at Exit 17 onto the M13 - old main road between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Carry on through Pinetown, up Fields Hill and through Kloof village and then take Exit 28 - Old Main Road / Hillcrest. At the top of the off-ramp turn left. Continue for about 100 m to a BP petrol station at a crossroad controlled by traffic lights. Turn right into Jan Smuts Road and continue down the impressive avenue of plain trees for 2,2 km until you reach a 4-way stop street. Turn left here - you are still in Jan Smuts Road ! After about 1 km turn right into Montgomery Drive and go along it for about another 1 km. Park next to a large vacant plot surrounded by an old brick wall - just after No 47 Montgomery Drive. Jump over the wall, walk through the plot and straight down a steep slope to reach the top of the crags.

Note – (October 2007) : The usual access via No 47 Montgemery Drive (see above) is currently closed due to building operations and access negotiations with the new owner have not yet been negotiated.  As a result, the only access currently available is via the 'Jan Smuts' area.  From here it is a 30 minute walk along the top of the crags to reach the Main Wall and the Wormhole Sectors. Thus, only the routes on the Jan Smuts Wall are (currently) easily accessible.  Hopefully access to the other areas will be negotiated soon.  To reach the Jan Smuts Wall, simply continue along to the end of Jan Smuts Road, park at the end of the road and stroll a short distance across open ground to the top of the cliffs.



The de facto control of the area around the crags falls under the jurisdiction of the Winston Park Residents Committee who currently have no problem with its use by climbers. As a result climbers have free access to the crags provided that they do not trespass on private property on their way to and from the crags.



Apart from the minor risk of leaving your car unattended on the side of the road, there are virtually no security risks in climbing at Winston Park. You and your possessions should be completely safe at the crags. There is good cell phone reception almost everywhere along the crags.