Uvongo sport climbing

The Uvongo crag is located at the Uvongo lagoon which is the main
beach in the village on the South Coast just north of Margate. There
are 3 bolted routes and some fun bouldering as well. The hold can be
damp particularly in the wetter months and occasionally the beach sand
gets inundated with water for days or weeks until nature takes it's
course and it gets back into "holiday mode". It's lack of routes is
made up for by the fun nature of the climbing so if you're headed
south, take along a rope and quickdraws.

People have been bouldering at Uvongo at least as far back as the
early 80's when Charl Brummer and friends went there. They left a peg
on "Bugs Birds and the Bees" in their traversing efforts. There was an
official MCSA meet there in 1990 for some bouldering and a top rope on
"Shark Bait". In 1995 Rob Sprouse started bolting "Bugs Birds and the
Bees" but only completed in 2004 to be the first bolted route
there. Rob did some retro-bolting in 2010, adding some stainless steel
chains and additional bolts to make it reasonably safe. Keep in mind
that this is a marine environment and not 100% safe, add trad gear if
you like. On the other hand, no holds have pulled off or broken yet.

There are many activities in the immediate area including surfing,
cliff diving, boat rentals, hiking trails, swimming and chilling on
the beach. So take the family along to play while you play on the

There is camping and self-catering chalets in easy walking distance
from the crag at "The Oasis", Tel # 039 315 0778.