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It is essential that every party venturing into the depths of the Drakensberg is equipped, inter alia, with a compass, the relevant map and the ability to use them competently.

Slingsby's series of six superb 1:50 000 maps, back-to-back on three sheets, has been the mainstay of 'Berg climbers and hikers for over two decades. These cheap and durable maps are still widely used, but are no longer in print. A new series of six maps has been produced under the auspices of the KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation Service (KZN-NCS). The maps are available at all KZN-NCS offices as well as at most hiking and climbing shops in Natal. They are available in identical versions of two differing qualities. The paper version costs about R45. It disintegrates at the folds after about five trips and converts spontaneously to a nutritionless porridge on contact with water...

Note that the magnetic declination is in the Drakensberg is about 20 degrees west of true north.


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