MCSA 125th National Expedition to Patagonia

The MCSA will turn 125 next year. To celebrate this, the Expedition Subcom would like to facilitate a national expedition which can appeal to a wide spectrum of MCSA members – trekkers, climbers, mountaineers. The O’Higgins area in Patagonia was selected as the most suitable venue. It offers a number of challenging peaks, almost unlimited trekking options and relatively easy access to the Patagonian Ice Cap and its snow peaks. The area is rarely visited and there is strong potential for new routes and even unclimbed peaks. The expedition will be entirely self-supported; no guides or commercial operators will be employed. Expedition members will be asked to take part in the planning and will so gain valuable experience. The Expedition Subcom will however provide assistance, guidance and coordination.
The duration of this expedition will be approximately one month including travel time. Members will be able to extend that period for as long as they like. The most suitable time will be December 2016 to February 2017. The exact time will be determined according to flight costs and members’ preference.

The total cost is difficult to estimate at present and will depend on the development of the Rand. At the present rate of exchange the flight to Santiago will cost around R16 000 and landed costs, including over land travel, food, fuel and minor expenses, should stay below R15 000. The expedition will be self-funded by members. The MCSA will endeavour to secure some sponsorship and, depending on money available, will try to support some members.

If you are interested let the Expedition Subcom know. Please indicate your level of interest by giving a rating of 1 to 5 where “1’’ means ‘’vaguely interested’’ and ‘’5’’ means ‘’almost committed’’. You will be added to a data base and informed of developments. Please send your reply to ukiefer@icon.co.za .

Expedition Reports

  1. Anthony van Tonder's 2004 Chogolisa and K2 Expedition
  2. Mt Kenya 2010 (by Margaret Brown)

Expedition Fund

The Section maintains an expedition fund which it uses to assist young club members to climb in the greater ranges of the world.

The following guidelines for applications are intended for use by the elected committee or by the applicant:


The Expedition Fund is money which the Club has set aside for the promotion of mountaineering. The word "Expedition" is seen here to mean a major mountaineering undertaking that probably takes place beyond the borders of the country. The Club sees mountaineering in it's broader context, as comprising either of hiking, sport-climbing, competition-climbing, traditional rock-climbing, snow and ice climbing and Alpine climbing or any combination of the above.

When considering applications the Committee will look for the following points:

  • The proposed Expedition has the potential to have significance in local mountaineering.
  • The Expedition has the potential to bring credit to the Club.
  • The applicant/s shows previous experience or potential in the particular area.
  • The Expedition has a training/experience gaining element to it.
  • The applicant/s present financial position will be considered.

Rules for Application:

  • Applicant/s must be members of the Club. (This includes Associate members and Family members.)
  • All annual subscription fees (if applicable) must be up to date.
  • Only well presented, written applications, that consist of a motivational letter and a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae, will be considered. These must be addressed to The President.
  • The Committees decision on the application will be final and binding.
  • Applicant/s may apply for funding any number of times as long as they are for separate expeditions.
  • The Committee may, at its discretion, insist on any other criteria before funding is granted. The aim of these criteria should not be to hamper the application but rather to ensure that the Club gains feedback and benefit from the applicant/s.
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