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Club Climbing Gear

The Club has a certain amount of trad and ice climbing gear available to members on loan:

Cams: Wild Country 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 3.5 (4 total)
Nuts: Black Diamond 4-13 (10 total)
Hexes: Wild Country 5, 7; Camp 7, 10, 11; Troll 5, 6, 7 (8 total)
Nut key: Metolius (1)
Wire-gate Karabiners: Black Diamond Neutrino- Blue (4), Silver (2), Red (2)
Bent-gate Karabiners: Wild Country Silver (2)
Straight-gate Karabiners: Pierre Alain (4), Black (1)
Screw-gate Karabiners: Stubai (5), Silver (2)
Pair short, tied slings, red: (1)

There's also a pair of ancient trad ropes, various manky old wedges and hexes, and biggish selection of pegs, etc. for those who want to get really crusty.

We also have some ice climbing kit (details not 100% certain):
Ice screws: Black Diamond, varying lengths (5)
Strap-on crampons: (1pr)
Ice axes, climbing: Simond (1pr), Viper (1pr)
Ice axe, walking: 1

In addition to the above, there is a selection of camping and hiking equipment which has yet to be properly inventoried.

All equipment is currently stored and managed by Hallam Payne in Merrivale - he can be contacted at:
083 595 4655